tell me, darling, do you wish we'd fall in love?

i’m finally looking into getting help for my depression and i’m super scared but glad


dreams do come true…

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new fav movie

coulda done without prince phillip tho

i also discovered ASMR videos last night and i just have to say that that shit is so fucking good it got me so relaxed and i passed out so easily

some guy wrote me a novel of a message on okcupid essentially saying ‘i’m a nice guy and you are better than other girls because of these reasons’ and i shut him the fuck down and now i’m ‘fucked in the head’ and in real life ‘people run screaming’ from me.

i’m so happy

i bought cute shoes, a cute new bra with a bow on it, and made nutella cookies

today was pretty okay


a dude bein into feminism and consent and being respectful and a decent person aren’t charming lil perks to be giddy about

like those are simply requirements do not get wet over their ability to be decent

don’t even accept anything else like that’s the minimum requirement and work your way up from there otherwise you’re just working w/ garbage

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