tell me, darling, do you wish we'd fall in love?

i spent my day watching cowboy bebop and i got to the end of the last episode and suddenly caught myself crying but i wasn’t sad 

it’s rare when a show makes me feel that feel

i like it

see you space cowboy

decided to watch a movie i thought would be cute but turned out to be totally heartbreaking and now everything makes me cry

the oath

the oath

i cried too much and now i have a headache and i’m sleepy

  • Brazil: we came out to have a good time and hones-[Germany scores again]

I deserve passion. I deserve to be loved - in every way. I deserve a man who’ll give his whole heart, not the part he isn’t using at the moment.

—Loretta Chase (via aestheticintrovert)

(Source: simply-quotes, via lizardsforsale)

i want to moan and writhe with you and i want to go up to you and kiss your mouth and pull you to me and say ‘i love you i love you i love you’ while stripping. i want you so bad it stings.

—bret easton ellis, the rules of attraction (via bunny-gal)

(via kaseythedragon)

the rain is sadly comforting and all i can think about is you finding me


So I rode my bike out to the lake today because… I don’t know. Everyone was busy so I made myself busy too.

(I miss you)

i’m supposed to start ‘deciding my future’ on monday

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